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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Learning What "Not" To Do, The Hard Way

Have you ever done something to realize, way to late, that it was the worst thing you could have done? Well, I realize this morning that I made a pretty big mistake last night. I decided to take the day off from Sculpting to work in some of the other aspects of making a Fairy...The Wings!!! I found two really good tutorials on making them using two different mediums...Fantasy Film and Liquid Sculpy...but I seemed to be drawn to making them using Fantasy Film. The different colors and textures you get when you add heat to the film really adds to the realizm of the wings. There is a really good step by step tutorial on how to make them at...
OK, so I really took my time spending at least 3 hours laying out my wires and gluing them to the Fantasy Film. I let them sit to dry the rest of the afternoon and finally got to heat them for the fun effects! They looked so good and I was very pleased at my first set. I used the Lacquer to seal them and before I went to bed, I noticed one wing was not laying flat anymore so I checked to see if they were dry, and they felt really dry to me so I layered them between two pieces of paper and put a heavy book on top of them hoping it would help flatten them back out. There was my mistake. The Lacquer had not completely dried and this morning when I went to look at them, the paper was sticking to them. I tried to very easily pull the paper away but I it still stuck in spots and I have absolutely no idea if they can be it looks like I need the advice from my fellow Polymer Clay Artists. I will keep everyone posted as to what I find out.


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