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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another "New" Technique I want to try

APRIL 1, 2010

Good Morning all my dollmaking friends! The Daffodils are blooming here in Wheeling WV, along with those pesky Dandelions, which marks the arrival of Spring! Easter Dresses hang on racks at all the local department stores, while candy isles fill with Easter supplies. The local weather for this weekend is calling for highs in the 80's with lots of sunshine! What a great way to start April! Another good way to start a new month, is discovering a new Technique for making porcelain dolls! Last month I attended a webinar about Spanish Oils. I had never heard of them before so I thought is was just a different kind of china paint..boy was I wrong. Spanish Oils is actually more like a stain you use on greenware. The greenware absorbs the color and stains the porcelain when you bisque fire. It reminds me of how you would paint a earthenware greenware ceramic. Years ago, this was what I used to paint all the time. I would go to my local ceramic shop, buy a piece of greenware, paint 2 to 3 coats of "colored clay" on the piece and then have the ceramic shop bisque fire the piece. Once it was bisque fired, I would then glaze it and return it for another firing which would cause the piece to become glossy. What makes the Spanish Oils different is that it is not a surface paint but a stain. The greenware absorbs the stain which actually changes the colors of the slip. There is also the detail colors which are surface colors that you apply after you apply the stains. Once you have your piece painted, you then bisque fire the piece...and if you want, you can then glaze the piece and have a glossy porcelain figure. This is the method they used to make Lladro figures years ago. After attending the webinar, I knew I just had to try this technique to make some figures. Here is a picture of Bernadette. I have ordered this mold with a starter kit of the oils from and hope to receive it soon so that I can try these amazing oils!

These Webinars are a great way to learn about all sorts of ceramics. So far I have taken 3 of them and have learned so much about porcelain. Here is a link to some information about the webinars for anyone that is interested.
I will try to post pictures and keep you all posted once I receive my supplies and being trying this technique. Have a great weekend my friends!


Chris Jeffery said...

Oh, Daphne!
You're such an adventurous woman! I think making porcelain dolls are very adventurous. Well, if your passion is making those kinds of craft, you can create beautiful art. My daughter loves porcelain doll too! There are times that she and my wife buy stylish doll clothes from an online shop.

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