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Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Doll in the Works

OK, so I am totally addicted!!! As I was cleaning my porcelain Friday morning, I just couldn't stop looking over at my new clay and my two failures. I kept telling myself to stay focused on the porcelain and work on the polymer another day...but it was an itch I just had to scratch! After cleaning two more pieces of porcelain, I knew I had enough for the kiln to be able to bisque fire (which takes all day) I ran right into my craft room and started working with my polymer clay again. This time I made the wire armature and added a small amount of clay to it to act as a skeleton for some stability. I kept all the joints free and I used my embossing gun to cure the clay. I then mixed two types of clay together: Prosculpt and Cernit. I used a bit more Cernit than the Prosculpt and spent about three hours combining and conditioning the clay. I worked on adding the clay for about four more hours and this is what I have so far. I hope this doll actually makes it to the oven!!! So far my clay is staying very clean and this mix is a lot firmer to work with than just the Prosculpt alone. At this point I feel I am making a lot of progress and am really starting to get a "feel" for working with Polymer Clay.


Yeah!!!! She has a head!!!!! After about fifty attempts I finally got a head I am happy with. It may not be perfect but it is the best head I have made so far! As I worked on getting the head attached to the body, the clay started getting soft again so I attached a little extra clay where the ears will be and called it a day. I need to let my clay harden back up. This has been a very fun project so far and things are going so much better for me this time. I have the help of the members of my yahoo group and Fantasy Art Guild plus I now have my book from Aida!!!! I am just so excited at this point and I hope everyone is enjoying watching me as I learn how to sculpt these beautiful dolls! More to come soon!!!!


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